Garmin BaseCamp And No Idea How To Use it?

BaseCamp Has Too Much Functions And Options?

The Manual To Garmin BaseCamp

Map Management, Trip Planning And Insider Tips

Learn how to use the Garmin ® software BaseCamp® the easy way – guaranteed.

You do not know how to save your map to your unit?
How to create a track or a Route.
You are still getting lost, even while using your GPS because you are not getting the right information?
You still have to juggle a lot of those small micro-SD cards to be able to see and find the correct map?
You have trouble with your routes loaded to the gps?
How to get free Open Street Maps into the GPS-Device

Get the BaseCamp Manual

included Bonus-Lesson create
your own POI and use it  with
your GPS

With Chapter Introduction To Mac OS

How to create waypoints and which settings are going to be useful for this action.
How to create a track or route.
How to use the best basic settings in BaseCamp®.
How your GPS can show you two different maps from two different countries without interruption.
How to load maps from different products onto your GPS.
How to customize a wrongly calculated route and match it to your plans..
How to open and install free OpenStreetMaps and save it to your GPS.
How to display custom maps in BaseCamp®.
What additional information can Basecamp® provide for you?
How to download tracks from the internet and import them to BaseCamp.
The BaseCamp® Handbook is constantly updated.
You will be notified about new versions and you can download the revised manual for free.
With this introduction to BaseCamp, you will learn how to get faster to your destination.

Do you own a Garmin® GPS with USB connection? So a model of the Dakota®, Oregon®, GPSMAP®, Astro®, Montana®, Monterra®, Edge® 800, Zumo (Harley, BMW-Navigator etc.) or the new eTrex® 10 - 32 series. Then you need BaseCamp® to exchange data between the PC and the GPS receiver without errors.

BaseCamp is the free GPS planning software from Garmin. Of course, you can just as well use the other outdoor GPSs that are suitable for data exchange with USB, such as eTrex Legend, Vista, GPSMAP 60 and 76 series, with BaseCamp. You can even plan tours for Falk models with BaseCamp.

The BaseCamp manual as pdf. You can download and read the BaseCamp manual on your PC, Mac or iPad, as well as on your tablet computer.

The functions of the icons and menu commands are explained in detail. Map management and how to load maps into the GPS. Unlocking map products from Garmin® and other manufacturers.

The BaseCamp manual is the perfect guide to creating waypoints, routes and tracks. I explain where the respective data is stored in the GPS receiver. In addition, I show you in various instructions how to secure your data so that they are not accidentally destroyed.

You will learn how to find addresses, geocaches or POIs in a simple way. Plan your tours on the map stored on your micro SD card. Learn how to plan routes quickly and directly to your destination with this guide. You'll learn how to view your data in Google Earth.

Raymond from the Netherlands wrote:

Hello Michael,

Thanks you for your emails, which surprised me while I was enjoying your help at the same time.

Unfortunately, it took me until today to send you a reply.
Yes, after I had discovered the software BaseCamp for a more intensive browsing on GPS and installed it on my PC, your manual has certainly made it a lot easier to apply and use the basics of this software.
The layout of this manual and documentation was very helpful to me! – A successful design in which I am not missing anything.
The Data management and access to the data (tracks, routes, …) are now a lot easier in BaseCamp than I was used to when using MapSource, and thereforeI have created the data management directly in BaseCamp.

Paul J. wrote:

Hello Michael,

There is nothing to thank me for. Although nothing in life is obvious! I looked at the BASE CAMP Hand-book (the text), and find it very helpful in the planning and application of GPS data. The text is well written and easy to understand and implement. Of course it makes sense to take the knowledge presented in an “appetizers way”, but is quite feasible, because paper is so patient.
So in a nutshell:
Since you have created a good and useful Book for a reasonable price and made it available to interested parties and GPS freaks!
Again – THANK YOU.
And if there is something new in this direction, please let me know!

With kind hiking regards, Paul

My 60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free.  If you’re not happy with BaseCamp Manual for any reason, simply let me know (via email) and I’ll refund your money.

Information about delivery of the BaseCamp Manual.

The image of the book is symbolic. Delivery is by download.
Printing and using the interactive BaseCamp manual:
The eBook is delivered as a printable pdf file. You can print it out for easier use.
The eBook is designed to be printed as an A5 booklet on A4 paper. Some printers (e.g. Canon) support this directly.

Links highlighted in blue are active, i.e. clicking on them takes you to the chapter or the website described.
The table of contents is linked to the chapters. Clicking on an entry takes you directly to the chapter.
The back button takes you back to the last chapter.

You can also search for words using the Reader's search function.
* Paragraphs marked with an asterisk contain additional explanations.
! Important tip or note.
* Updates within a version are included in the price. If the version number is changed (for example from 4.7 to 5.0.1) I reserve the right to charge a small update fee depending on the effort involved.

Comfortable pay and safe delivery

Payment processing and delivery is handled by You can pay conveniently by credit card, prepayment (bank transfer), direct debit, Paypal or invoice. At, too, your data and the download are safe! Of course, you can save the file on your computer and also print it out.

Guenter wrote

Dear Michael !

First of all, thank you very much for the book !

I am very satisfied with the book.

You are introduced step by step to the individual chapters and functions and made familiar not only with Basecamp, the map handling but also with the navigation system.

I have now started to work through it and can now handle my Dakota 20 better.

The first year with the device was actually just pure frustration. It got to the point where I never picked it up again.

(I'm 71 years old and not everything comes as easily to me as it does to young people).

And the Garmin hotline is sometimes staffed by people who aren't quite sure of what they're doing, especially when it comes to autorouting.

The maps I have are Topo Deutschland V3 and Transalpin.

At the moment I'm planning a few cycle routes around Regensburg as a test for our "Havelradweg" tour from Havelberg to Ankershagen.

I'll get back to you as soon as I've had more experience.

In any case, thank you very much for this documentation, which really helps a lot.

With kind regards

Günter B.

Spent lots of money for GPS device but no idea to work with?
Find the answer in the book!

Get the BaseCamp Manual now!

The BaseCamp Manual

inclusive Bonus-Lection "How to prepare own POI  and load them into the GPS device".
The BaseCamp Manual as PDF eBook.
Read it with PC, Mac, Android, iPad.
Search and find keywords directly in the eBook.
Click directly on chapters and links.
Print on A5 or bigger on A4 paper.

34,95 EUR now only 27,95 €

Sigrid's comment:

Dear Michael,

Your manual is just great - I'm glad I bought it.

Unfortunately, BaseCamp has really overwhelmed me.

the darkness.   Unfortunately I don't have as much time as I would like.

But - it will work out! Thank you very much for the great product.

If I have any questions, I will contact you. (It's a good feeling to have such a possibility up your sleeve!)

Best regards!

More readers' votes to BaseCamp Manual

Rudolph commented:

Hi Michael,
Your manual is super! I have worked through in 3 days, helped me a lot. Previously I’ve only worked with MapSource, because I’m not coped with Base Camp, now I no longer need MapSource.
Thank you for the effort you’ve done with it and you expect to have doing!

Jochen wrote:

Hello Michael, congratulations on the wonderful book. I am always amazed at how many emails I have received since the purchase and I wonder how that is to cope with time at all.

Thanks in any event,

greeting Jochen

Peters opinion about the Base Camp Manual:

Hello Michael,
I answer a bit late, because my PC had a HD crash. Now the system is running again and also the Garmin topo maps could be reactivated. So far, so good.
Well, I have this Base Camp Handbook bought, thinking: for a Pdf file a juicy price. Now that I have read something into it, I see that it’s more than a few drought-written pages. Many still unknown for me, applications, tips and notes are shown, which I find very useful.
Unfortunately I do not have the time to concern myself intensively. So I slowly work my way through the manual and try to apply the demonstrated capabilities in practice.
As far as I entered, I would like to say: It is a good buy, the Base Camp Handbook brings me something and is worth its price.
Otherwise I thank you for the nice contact, wish you and your families a “Good Time”, “Happy Holidays” and “A Happy New Year”.

Many greetings from the Moselle Peter

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